I get this question ALL the time, ‘Marisa, how long does left over wine last?’  My answer usually is, ‘What’s leftover wine?’  LOL!

Seriously though, most wines actually have a small shelf life after they’ve been opened.  We do know, that after it’s been open for too long, it will either smell, or taste bad.  Specifically, it will have a ‘vinegary’ taste.   For me, if I only have a glass or two left, I can leave it on the counter overnight – with the cork back in.  Or, feel free to stick it in the refrigerator for a day or so.  Just remember to remove it a half hour before you drink it.  You don’t want the wine too cold (unless that’s what you’re after.)  Remember, COLD wine changes the flavor.  It definitely has to open up, and warm up a bit for the aromatic smells and tastes to be optimal.

With all this being said, I found a great little graphic that will show you which types of wine can be refrigerated and for how long after opening.  (Don’t throw out those corks right after opening…you’ll need them again!)