Welcome to Unparalleled Taste’s Wine Academy

Hi Everyone,

My partner and I are Unparalleled Taste.  Gerry Whitson, a Certified Wine Expert, entrepreneur and I formed our company over a year ago.  I am a wine enthusiast and former corporate event planner.  When we met, we decided our talents and passion for wine would make a winning combination.

Unparalleled Taste is in the business of working with clients to create an informational and fun wine tasting and/or wine class for your special event, club meeting, or fund raiser.  The sky is the limit – because we take pride in knowing that every single event is specifically tailored to our clients.  We take our wine seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously’….we love sharing our knowledge and interest in wine with people who want to simply learn more about it, and enjoy it in a fun, relaxing atmosphere.  We do not sell wine.  Since each wine tasting is tailored to our client’s taste, every single event is different.

This blog will be part of our present Wine Academy and will give our followers an opportunity to see our newsletters, excerpts from our book, wine descriptions and definitions, and a weekly account of what we like to to do best – talk about wine!   We send out a newsletter every month to those clients who wish to get more information about wine, our current wine picks, and various events going on in the Greater Atlanta area.  Come find us on www.unparalleledtaste.com, or FacebookunparalleledtasteAnd when you come to our Facebook page, ‘like’ us….we’d really appreciate it.  Then, contact us directly with any questions at 770-377-4441.  We are located locally in Roswell, GA.

Gerry and I hope that you will join us in our quest for great wine, and great company.  If you ever have any questions, or would like to share some of your tastings, feel free to post them here.  We’d love to hear from you.  Until then, enjoy!

Marisa D. Harrer

Owner/Partner,  Unparalleled Taste

1 thought on “Welcome to Unparalleled Taste’s Wine Academy”

  1. illona cardona said:

    Want to learn more about wines. Gerry suggested i get in touch.
    My name is illona cardona, owner of
    a tisket a tasket hat shoppe in roswell. Would live to host a wine tasting at my shop inside 425 market place antiques. I think my customers would love it plus an excuse to wear a hat! 🎩
    My email is hats717@gmail.com.
    Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Regards illona. Like me on FB too.

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